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Predictably Great Building

Flux connects and organizes information from disparate applications enabling designers, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, owners and material suppliers to use their preferred tools and seamlessly collaborate.

Flux Apps

After registration, your Flux homepage will be preloaded with 4 core apps; Data Explorer, Flow, Projects and Community. Download additional apps at any time at no additional cost to you.

We release new apps all the time. Get early access to our prototype and alpha apps built by Flux and by 3rd parties. Register Now

Current Apps available in the Flux App Store

Flux App Development Platform

Develop and distribute apps related to design, engineering and building.

Build your own using the Flux SDKs to enjoy seamless interoperability with all our apps, open source 3D view port, geometry cloud compute services and much more. Learn More

BuroHappold using the SDKs at a Flux hosted Hackathon

Flux Enterprise Services

The Flux Advanced Services + Technology (FAST) team engage with the top AEC firms to develop and launch custom Flux powered solutions to solve immediate business needs.

From rapid app development to corporate hackathons and best in class technical support, FAST partners with your team through every step of the way. Contact Us

Custom application to your specifications