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Solutions for AEC Teams

Explore how Flux can work for each member of the design team.

Keeping data current means preserving creativity, while maintaining deliverables.

Check out how Flux can work for the rest of the team.

How does Flux work?

Platform and Plugins

Push and pull data across your team, enabling the seamless transfer of geometry no matter what tools your colleagues prefer. Features like Data History and Collaborator Settings allow you to see who pushed what when, as well as control over who gets edit- or view-only access.

Labs Apps

Check out the latest apps built on top of the Flux platform, such as Site Extractor or Data Dashboards: time-saving solutions that help you visualize your building design more easily.

Custom SDK Apps

Build custom apps on top of the Flux SDK. Play with multi-directional data, diverse data types, and multiple entry points through web or desktop.

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