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Build on common data

Accelerate your AEC software development using Flux's secure
storage, cloud compute, interoperability and SDKs.

It's easier than you think

If you can build a website or a design script, you can build an app. Flux provides the tools and infrastructure, so you can focus on what makes your solution unique.

Use the 
Flux SDK with your 
client or server side code

Open source SDKs for
JavaScript or C#

Exchange JSON with 
the Flux-enabled 
design tools

Make your own schema, or
start with ours

Transform and 
analyze data in 
the cloud

Your logic. Our servers, ready to run at scale.

Everything you need to deploy and run apps

Data services

Flexible JSON based storage with user-level permissions, and versioning

Compute services

Cloud based visual programming and 3D model analysis


End to end transport layer security, and OpenID Connect standard authentication


Open source C# and Javascript SDKs with clear examples and documentation

3D Viewport

Fast, lightweight open source 3D viewport that handles most geometric primitives


Broad reach connecting you directly to tools like Revit, SketchUp and more. Learn more.

What can you build with the Flux SDK?

Visualize Your
Building Data

Don’t design in a vacuum. Create and share data dashboards to make informed design decisions.

Analyze Your Materials

Attach material data to your building model through Flux, and quantify the impact on environment and health of occupants.

Experience Your Design

Build a shareable VR model that updates in real-time. Turn client presentations into real experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to be a developer?

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Flux is free for developers.

Can I run code from my own server?

Yes! The Flux SDK and REST API use OpenID Connect, providing a way to securely access data on behalf of your users.

Who owns the code I write?

You do. Our C# and Javascript SDKs are published under an MIT License, giving you complete autonomy.

How are my users billed?

Users must have an active Flux subscription. You are free to bill them directly for additional services that you provide.

Does Flux offer training?

Sure! Contact us to set up onsite or remote training. Be sure to also check out our online tutorials for C# and Javascript.

Can I hire Flux to build an app for me?

Let's talk! Our professional services team is ready to assist you with inquiries.

I still have questions...

Ask the Flux community! We're actively participating in the discussion to make sure you get assistance.

Get started today

Use the Flux SDK in your own apps and plugins