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Inside Flux

Our Story

Flux is a data-rich, collaborative platform for teams of architects and engineers designing buildings and cities of the future.

Transformation in Flux

We’re a unique mix of experienced software developers and building professionals approaching the AEC industry’s challenges from a fresh perspective. We will never stop challenging the status quo and relentlessly improving our capabilities to serve our users and our vision for a sustainable future.


Flux is the definitive source of real-time data in the incredibly complex, multi-faceted process of designing buildings and cities. Flux isn’t just another tool—it’s a new way for AEC tools and teams to work better together. Architects and engineers overcome countless unforeseen challenges to build incredible things. We're not simplifying their problems–we're simplifying the process of problem-solving with better data sharing and collaboration.

Build with purpose

The technology we’re building matters. The built environment has a direct impact on the quality of life for billions of people around the world for generations to come. We serve the people creating the places where we all live, work and play. Together, we’re striving to ensure the future viability of intelligently designed buildings and cities.

Our Team

Our Investors

DFJ Venture
Surbana Jurong
Far East Ventures
South Park Ventures
Andreessen Horowitz
Google Ventures
Borealis Ventures
Obvious Ventures


Join our team and help change the way that cities get built. Let’s create new ways for AEC tools and teams to work better together.
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Director of Marketing

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