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We Connect Building Data

Flux enables predictably great building. Our platform and apps connect models, planning tools, and spreadsheets for easy collaboration and information access. Learn More

Flux makes transferring data between applications seamless, which lets us focus on design using the right tool for the task.

Chang-Yeon Cho, Gensler

Excel to Rhino facade workflow

Share Data not Files

Save hours coordinating design and planning by directly connecting Excel, Rhino, Grasshopper and Sketchup to Revit, ACAD and more. Learn More

Two people working together on the same problem in parallel, instead of in sequence, allows us to be more creative, and twice as productive.

Kyle Vansice, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Simple, Powerful, Data-Driven Apps

Our App Store contains lightweight, easy to use apps that leverage geometry and data to make labor-intensive activities simple. Learn More

What used to take days now takes literally seconds with Site Extractor. It is an essential tool for every architect to have in their arsenal.

Phil Lazarus, Lendlease

Capture geospatial site data with one click

Build Your Own Apps

Turn your custom development efforts into high-performance, distributable software using the Flux development platform. Learn More

Flux is transformational. It has super-charged our workflow and we have only scratched the surface of how we can leverage the technology and deliver added value.

Shrikant Sharma, BuroHappold

Computation in the Cloud

Bring parametric design to all your tools with computation in the cloud. Power data transformations, validations and visualization on the fly in our Flow environment. Learn More

Custom logic in the Flow has made Flux more universally accessible to our designers, allowing us to exchange model data at scale.

Brian Ringley, Woods Bagot

Reflected sunlight analysis powered by the Flow